Ginger Cupping Therapy

Chinese Healing Ritual

Ventosa or hot cup therapy is one of the many forms of Chinese alternative medicine; it improves blood flow and the overall health of a person. This technique consists of the application of small fire cups to the body’s surface using suction. Ginger root improves blood circulation and tones up skin. The therapy continues with a ginger oil anti-cellulite massage.
Floral Foot Ritual ~ Ginger Cupping Therapy ~ Anti-cellulite Massage

Time: 2h
Price : 390 RON

Thalgo Slimming Care

Sculpt Your Body

This high-performance, innovative treatment tackles cellulite and stubborn, unwanted curves with amazing results. High Precision Shaping Treatment includes a body wrap with Activate Oxygen for detoxing the skin and encourages the release and elimination of stored fat followed by a Refining Corrective Concentrate to refine and re-sculpt cellulite-prone areas and address lack of firmness. For the final touch, you will be pampered with a Perfect Sculpt Massage for lastingly dislodge cellulite and stubborn unwanted curves, while helping to restore toned skin.

Floral Foot Ritual ~ Body Wrap with Activate Oxygen ~ Perfect Sculpt Massage

Time: 45 min
Price: 250 RON

Thalgo Slim & Sculpt Expert

Fitness re-shaping

If you are serious about results, this is the treatment for you. This highly targeted treatment tackles advanced cellulite and loss of firmness zone by zone. It features a unique fitness massage carried out on contracted muscles to improve results. Your THAIco therapist becomes your fitness coach! Once you have done your slimming work out you can relax as slimming and firming wraps are applied for made-to-measure body re-shaping, with visible results from the very first session.
Floral Foot Ritual ~ Sculpt Body Wrap ~ Anti-cellulite Massage
Time: 75 min
Price: 380 RON

Recommendation: 2 treatments/week for 4 weeks.

Thermal Clay Cellulite Treatment

Ischia’s thermal waters have been known since Antiquity for health and beauty. The synergy between thermal water, clay and active ingredients such as fucus, brown seaweed extract, chestnut extract, lemon essence, orange and juniper essential oils have a spectacular result on cellulite. Due to its thermal, excess fluid is removed from the tissues and the epidermis gets the necessary minerals, thus fighting against micro and macro cellulite nodules. The skin becomes more supple and toned.

Clay wrap ~ Cellulite massage with thermo-active cream

Time: 90 minute
Price: 370 RON