Oxy Geneo 3 in 1 Superfacial

OXYGENEO™ is the only technology simultaneously performing 3 vital actions:

~ Effective cleansing and scrub

~ Natural skin oxygenation to the surface

~ Infusion of active ingredients to the skin

OxyGeneo allows the exfoliation of the external layer of the skin by oxygenation of the tissue from inside, creating an optimal absorption of the active ingredients.

The skin texture is improved and becomes brighter, balanced and glowing at the same time.


NeoRevive™ – General skin rejuvenation

With their unique oxygenation techniques, NeoRevive treatments infuse active nutrients into the skin, improving skin balance and texture.

Immediately after the first treatment NeoReviveTM smoothes the fine lines and even the wrinkles. Your skin will look and feel younger, firm, nourished, „reborn”.

NeoBrightTM- Discover the natural glow of your skin

NeoBright works together with skin mechanisms to oxygenate and brighten it in a natural way. The delicate and extremely effective NeoBright formula infuses natural emollients, hydrating and nourishing vitamins. It is a wonderful way of lightning your skin and improve its texture, balance it and obtain a healthy glow.

Time: 20 min.
Price:  300 RON/treatment