Jasmin Lulur

Exfoliating, Skin Softening

This ceremony originating from the royal palaces of Central Java, Indonesia includes Foot Bath, Massage, Lulur Scrub, Yogurt Treatment, Flower Milk Bath and Body Lotion Rub. After a 50-minute full body massage with Jasmine oil, the Lulur mixture is applied to the body, gently rubbed off to exfoliate and soften the skin. Fresh yoghurt is applied to nourish and moisturize. A fragrant flower milk bath and a gentle application of Jasmine body lotion completes the treatment.
Floral Foot Ritual ~ Balinese Massage ~ Organic Lulur Scrub ~ Fresh yogurt Wrap Flower Milk Bath

Durată: 2h
Preț: 440 RON

Boreh Spice

Blood Circulation Stimulating/Healing

Boreh is a traditional remedy used for stimulating blood circulation inherited by each generation of Balinese farmers. The healing Boreh is made up of a combination of warming spices, such as cinnamon, cloves and ginger. Our ceremony starts with a Traditional Massage, a mixture of Boreh powder and essential oils is smoothed all over the body, followed with a relaxing floral bath and finishing by application of hydrating body lotion.

Floral Foot Ritual ~ Traditional Balinese Massage ~ Organic Boreh Scrub ~ Floral Bath

Durată: 2h
Preț: 440 RON

Moroccan rassoul mud

Revitalize and Hydrate Your Skin

Re-mineralize your skin while releasing impurities out. The treatment begins with a warm detoxifying mud massage which will be applied all over the skin. This fantastic masque has an enzymatic action on the skin providing a smooth and revitalized sensation. You will be wrapped in a warm cocoon as the mud revitalizes and hydrates your skin, reducing joint pain and sore muscles caused by conditions such as fibromyalgia and arthritis; while you relax scalp massage will be performed. The treatment ends with a Vichy Shower rain therapy.

Floral Foot Ritual ~ Detoxifying Mud Massage ~ Mud Wrap ~ Scalp Massage ~ Vichy Shower Rain Therapy

Durată: 75 min
Preț: 330 RON



V-Spa is a form of treatment using dried herb from Indonesia called Ratus. It is a Javanese tradition that has been carried out from generation to generation and it is exclusively made for the Royal Queens and princesses in Java Island. V spa is a treatment for women to clean the vaginal area after giving birth, or after menstruation period to eliminate excessive vaginal discharge & unpleasant smell; it is also a treatment for pre-wedding body care using traditional products; vapour released from a steamer will make you feel comfortable and fresh.

Durată: 20 minutes
Preț: 195 RON

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The tradition of using these candles was brought into the modern world from the Hoppy Indians in North America.
The heat and vibration of the candle help soften and remove earwax and dirt through the lymphatic system. It is a way of detoxification which lasts another 48 hours after candling. The candle is made of beeswax, honey, essential oils.
Hoppy is a hollow candle, which is inserted into the ear canal from the outside.

Durată : 20 min
Preț: 120 RON

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