Kleanthous Skin Care Treatments

Dr. Kleanthous principle is based on the continuous improvement of the skin structure by means of cell supporting molecules (C.S.M.) In matter of wrinkles, eye bags, tired tissue or even hair loss, C.S.M. help revitalize the skin functions in a durable way. Treating skin with ultrasonic waves expands inter cellular spaces, removing waste products.

Facial Dehydrated Skin

This facial purifies the skin, allowing it to regain its capability to store moisture. Ultrasounds are able to purify inter cellular spaces. The treatment is recommended for dehydrated skin lacking firmness.

The treatment helps reactivate all skin layers’ regenerative mechanisms. A treatment per week is recommended.

Time: 1h
Price: 370 RON

Facial – Complex H- Mimic Wrinkles

For those with wrinkles caused by facial expressions, frown lines, crow’s feet and lines around the mouth.
This special complex of active ingredients aids both in muscle relaxation and tightening.
The enormous skin rejuvenation effect is immediately noticeable. A treatment per week is recommended.

Time: 1h
Price: 370 RON

Facial – Problem Skin

This new treatment cleanses the skin and removes skin impurities without affecting the tissue.

It removes dead cells and locally reactivates circulation by stimulating collagen formation and cell regeneration. This treatment is beneficial for people with acne, rashes, excess sebum.

Two treatments per week are recommended.

Time: 1h 30min
Price: 420 RON

Facial – Couperose Skin/ Rosacea

Small dilated capillaries that appear on the cheeks and nose can be caused by high blood pressure and environmental conditions or may occur in the case of intense heat or cold. 24/7 couperose serum calms and reduces the redness. Cell supporting molecules strengthen the capillary walls. Two treatments per week are recommended.

Time: 1h
Price: 370 Ron

Sono Beauty Lifting

A non-surgical face lift using ultrasound, sonobioresonance & colour therapy. Results are immediately noticeable after 1 treatment. This treatment helps firm and lift loose, sagging skin by strengthening the facial muscles.

  • smoothes lines and wrinkles
  • helps provide elasticity to connective tissues
  • helps promote collagen metabolism
  • improves blood circulation

This non-invasive procedure is a great alternative to Botox and Restylane. Effects can be seen immediately and even increase over a period of 3-4 months; it has to be applied at least six times in a brief period.

Sono Beauty Lifting treatment is applied on the face, neck, cleavage and hands. It is also highly advisable to use Kleanthous care products C.S.M.’s. A number between 6 and 9 treatments a year are recommended, depending on the wrinkle depth.

Cura 1 Tratament
Pret : 830 RON

Cura de 6 Tratamente
Preț: 5.200 RON

Cura de 9 Tratamente
Preț: 7.350 RON

Xtreme Rejuvenation

The negative effects of free radicals permanently affect the cells of collagen found in our complexion.

They cause skin stress and accelerate the aging process. As a result, mimic wrinkles appear and skin looses elasticity.

When preparing this serum, we pay particular attention to cell protection as well as to permanent cell regeneration.

Time: 1h
Price: 520 RON

My Cream

Perfect and personalized face cream

My Cream from Dr. Kleanthous represents antiaging treatment based on the complexion’s individual needs. This unique cream is based on an experience of  more than 20 years in cellular regeneration and it is exclusively produced  considering the needs of a person’s complexion.

The cream is prepared after a complex skin anamnesis. The aspects considered are:  sebum, skin hydration or toxins, elasticity, capillaries, wrinkles, skin particles, pigmentation, allergies or photosensitivity. These detailed information represent the starting point for ellaborating Dr. Kleanthous own cream.

For My Cream, Dr. Kleanthous exclusively uses combinations of active ingredients supporting the skin’s potential, stimulating the improvement of changes caused by aging.  It lasts two weeks after the anamnesis until the product prepared in Dr. Kleanthous laboratories in Germany reaches Medispa Clinic. This 100% personalized cream is applied all over the face, neck and cleavage in the morning and in the evening.

The most important effects of My cream – face cream on the complexion are:


  • Reprogramming the intracellular structure • Restructuring tissue • Improved intracellular communication system • Protection against free radicals • Detoxification • Boosting colanogenesis and the intake of minerals• Protection • Provide comfort • Hydrating and keeping water inside tissues


My Serum

My serum is the result of twenty years of experience in the field of cellular regeneration and antiaging.Our objective was to transform the complexion from its current condition into a desired condition. To obtain the desired results, we took into account your lifestyle (skin structure, nutrition, behavior and environmental analysis) and we drew up your ASL anamnesis profile (advanced skin and lifestyle profile).

Based on this information, we created the customized serum for the client – My serum – which fullysatisfies the requirements of the client’s skin, thus ensuring the efficiency of the treatments. Our objective is to regenerate the skin by stimulating the cell regeneration activity. Regular use of the product contributes to the visible rejuvenation of the complexion.