Touch Of Asia

Health for the Body and Spirit

Enjoy this ultimate THAIco experience, designed to purify your essence on cellular, emotional and ethereal levels, while activating long-lasting beauty. Your journey begins with a deep muscle relaxation massage, followed by a re-mineralizing crystal sea salt exfoliation infused with lemongrass. It continues with a revitalizing Vichy Shower Rain Therapy with four powerful healing ingredients: lemongrass to activate blood circulation, orange and lime for essential vitamins and ginger to awaken your senses. You will feel radiant and full of regenerative Sakti energy.

Floral Foot Ritual ~ Deep Tissue Massage ~ Crystal Salt Exfoliation ~ Vichy Shower Rain Therapy

Time: 2h 30 min
Price: 560 RON

Complete Renewal

Deluxe head-to-toe treatment

Complete Renewal is a deluxe head-to-toe treatment. It begins with a stimulating scrub to exfoliate dead skin cells. A deep massage then stimulates your blood flow and eliminates toxic accumulation in your tissues. A full body mask is then applied to tone, firm, and balance your body. Then your body will be pampered with a Vichy Shower Rain Therapy to leave your skin feeling velvety smooth and deeply nourished. Finally, your body will be pampered with an aromatic massage with specially blended oils, followed by an Ear Candle Treatment or a Dr. Kleanthous mini facial treatment. Floral Foot Ritual ~ Choice of Organic Body Scrub ~ Choice of Organic Wrap ~ Vichy Shower Rain Therapy ~ Aromatherapy Massage ~ Ear Candle Treatment or Dr Kleanthous Mini Facial

Time: 3h
Price: 680 RON

Magical Four Hands

Ritual for Your Mind and Body

Imagine the result of two therapists delicately working with four hands in synchronized waves. After the Four Hand Massage, the ecstasy continues with an Oriental Foot Reflexology massage and a Traditional. Hair Spa Treatment – all at the same time! It is magical. Your body will feel lighter and you will be bursting with life.

Floral Foot Ritual – Four Hands Massage – Oriental Foot Reflexology – Traditional Hair Spa Treatment

Durată: 1h 30 min
Preț: 540 RON

THAIco Secrets

Reopen Your Energy Pathways

Discover the soothing results of the Thai Massage Secrets treatment. As time-honoured practices of Northern Thailand are employed, blocked energy pathways are reopened. Energy obstructions melt away. The relief begins as acupressure is applied during the massage. Then, Herbal Hot Compress follows, which dissolves soreness and further releases energy to the body. Your complete relief comes during an Aromatherapy Massage empowered by the effects of the herbal essences.

Floral Foot Ritual ~ Signature THAIco Massage ~ Herbal Compress Massage ~ Aromatherapy Hot Oil Massage

Time: 2h
Price: 390 RON